It’s not that I haven’t been blogging, it’s that I haven’t been doing it here. I feel ok about this, but thought I’d let you know about one project I’ve been working on.

Nico Alexander Zafrin. January 26, 2012. 7lb 9.9oz. 21.5 inches. A tall, skinny newborn who has been gaining weight like nobody’s business. But more about that in the first-month summary that I’m almost done writing. In the meantime: been busy.

baby NAZ

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  1. J. Lasser Says:

    Congrats! My boy Judah was born just a month earlier — December 27th — at almost the exact same weight and size (7 lb 12 oz). Hard work, and yet so rewarding.

    Continued best of luck — and I looked at more pics in the other post, he’s adorable!