RIP Alex Karan

A bright soul. Ethan and I spent a weekend with him and his family once, at their home near Chicago. I also talked with Alex a lot online. I’d met him through Ethan and an online community; when I fell off that community’s radar while doing my dissertation, Alex fell off mine. I didn’t go back to that IRC channel until today.

We were out of touch for three years or so. He was diagnosed with cancer in January of last year. He died yesterday.

I spent a while reading his blog and crying like I haven’t cried since dad died. He was young. He had two small daughters with his wife Celeste. He was a partner in a law firm, and seems to have really enjoyed his work there.

Only thirteen months from news to gone. I fucking hate cancer.

2 Responses to “RIP Alex Karan”

  1. Kimberli Says:

    I knew Alex online from a community as well. And hate cancer, as well. Odd to share this moment with you, someone I don’t know yet cry with as well.

  2. Tara Fly Says:

    Wishing you well Vika. Such a hard time for us all. The bulk of the server and grieving is elsewhere too.