I would write more, but technology fails me.

So, I’d like to write more, but that would involve writing from home, and there’s this problem. My computer (and only my computer; this isn’t a network problem as far as I can tell) just won’t see this site. What it sees is the old site, on the old server, and with the default WordPress styling to boot, not with my customized styling.

My work computer sees the gray-palletted Dreamhost-ed site; my phone sees the same; my home computer sees the old one. I’ve tried emptying cache in all of my browsers, but no dice. What are some other things I might try?

7 Responses to “I would write more, but technology fails me.”

  1. Sarah T Says:

    Delete cookies and offline data? The latter only seems even slightly plausible if it happens from your computer in all browsers, though.

  2. Spike Says:

    This sounds a LOT like a DNS-related problem. Try
    $ host http://www.wordsend.org or
    $ nslookup http://www.wordsend.org or
    $ dig http://www.wordsend.org
    from your ‘home’ computer and see if it gives you the old IP address for your site.

  3. Spike Says:

    Damn blogware added http colon slash slash in front of all those addresses — and should not have. Just type the hostname double you double you double you dot wordsend dot org; not http colon slash slash.

    (What’s the markup for “Dear blogware engine: I am not not an idiot.” ?)

  4. Ben Brumfield Says:

    Are you sure it’s not a networking issue on your home computer? Sounds suspiciously like your /etc/hosts file (or the equivalent for your OS) has the old server hardwired in.

  5. vika Says:

    Spike, I’d totally show the WP software what-for, but there doesn’t seem to be an obvious setting that turns off the http colon slash slash additions.

    Thanks, all. I’ll play when I have a chance (probably tomorrow).

  6. Andrew Plotkin Says:

    I agree with the above (Ben and Spike are talking about the same problem).

    Possible solution: “clear dns cache” (google term for details on various OSes)

    Also, have you tried checking the site from a different computer on the same local network? (That is, another machine in the same house. Your phone only counts if it’s using wifi to the house network.) It may be your ISP being stupid, not your computer.

  7. vika Says:

    Haven’t tried another computer yet (stupidly, I just never think of it when other people are around at home), but my computer has now done it in two different places, with two different ISPs.