Habitat-like, but not?

So, to go build stuff abroad through Habitat for Humanity costs a lot. Like, a couple thousand dollars, which may or may not include airfare, and… well, aside from the fact that I don’t have that kind of money, if I did (through fundraising or whatnot), there would probably be wiser ways to spend it on others.

Is there an organization that’ll take me abroad to… do whatever, really, as long as they pay for most or all of it? And here’s the catch: it needs to be non-religious. Like, if a church organizes it, fine, good deeds and all. But if they so much as peep to the natives about Jesus (or whatever), or even hold prayer meetings with the already-converted, I don’t want any part of it.

I know there’s a lot to do locally. Right now I’m exploring international options. I’m particularly interested in Latin America, but would consider other places.

2 Responses to “Habitat-like, but not?”

  1. fahmi Says:

    don’t most “teach english” places cover costs?

  2. vika Says:

    Fahmi – very possibly, but I’ve never heard of a short-term (a week or two at most) teach-English program. They don’t generally have the kind of funds it takes to train people, get them to wherever, and do it all over again in a matter of days.