geekyQ: wordpress- and domain-hosting

So, I’m transferring off of its current server… um, somewhere else. It’d be nice if the somewhere else was particularly adept at hosting WordPress. There are several recommendations at, and I’ve heard good things about a couple of them, but then I’ve also read some abysmal reviews of both. So, Reader, if you have opinions on Blue Host, DreamHost, MediaTemple, HostICan, and/or Laughing Squid, I’d love to hear them. [on Words’ End, not on LJ] Bonus points if you are using WordPress as the backbone of your site.

The things I care about are uptime and responsiveness to problems. Auto-install and upgrade of WordPress are a big help (really, the install is the important thing), but that is less important than either of the first two. I don’t need a huge amount of space. Good privacy policy is paramount – i.e., if their TOS say “we can monitor you at any time for any reason, and will likely allow law enforcement to snoop around without a warrant,” we’re probably not made for each other. Yes, I know that this isn’t a guarantee against anything, but there’s got to be a good, ethical host whose ethics (law enforcement can totally snoop around, with proper authorization) are explicitly reflected in their terms of service.


2 Responses to “geekyQ: wordpress- and domain-hosting”

  1. duchess Says:

    I liked Dreamhost a lot when I was with them, but I didn’t run wordpress, so I am not sure how much my recommendation helps. I found them really helpful when I had questions, and I really liked having shell access to do my own things if I wanted to.

  2. dillweed Says:

    i’m using i tried several others. they set up well using Fantastico, and their customer service is quick to help.