ask the internets: desktop publishing software?

I have a faculty member here at work who wants to transfer the production of her center’s newsletter from an outside source to in-house. She’s sent me an example, and it’s a reasonably complex layout – definitely not something that should be done in Word – and she wants to keep the layout more or less the same.

We are strongly recommending that people here not use MS Publisher, for various reasons. Do you have a favorite desktop publishing application for Windows XP? Inexpensive is a huge bonus.

(Now, if only she were a Mac user… but no.)

One Response to “ask the internets: desktop publishing software?”

  1. Michael Fessler Says:

    Hi — two thoughts:

    I have heard OK reviews of Scribus, which is free — see here

    Also, there are academic prices on Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress that are about 1/4 of the list price ($200 rather than $800). See or any number of similar sites.

    Hope this is helpful!

    –mef (from ifmud)