[RolandHT] Lesson learned today.

Even if I have a ton of material to write out, under “normal” conditions (i.e., deadline is not within two or three days) there seems to be a word limit to what I can write. It’s a loose word limit, but it’s there — and it does not matter how much time I spend on writing these words. Happily, this limit is generous enough that I’m pretty optimistic about finishing.

Also, having less time and/or a firm stopping time — a dinner date, for example — helps productivity in direct proportion to how much time I have left. In other words, work tends to speed up if I know I must stop at a certain hour. But that’s not news.

2 Responses to “[RolandHT] Lesson learned today.”

  1. duchess Says:

    I learned that goes for me as well. I have a certain number of words I am capable of writing in one day, which is why projects like Nanowrimo flounder for me nowadays. After spending a whole day writing for work, the last thing my brain is capable of is generating more words for non-work projects. I wish there was a way to up this internal word count, personally.

  2. Rosa Says:

    We should have a dinner date! Next week? Wed? Thurs?