Ask the Internets. (Roland!)

Here’s one for history buffs. If you know anyone interested in this sort of thing, please pass it on: I’d love to know more about The League of Roland.

In 2002 I had the opportunity to visit the Oxford libraries repeatedly, and to dig out Really Obscure Stuff relating to Roland. Right now I’m looking at [part of] Roland: Country First, “published privately by The League of Roland, 45a, High Street, Market Harborough, Leicestershire.” They seem to have been a group of folks dissatisfied with the state of England, and proposing some crackpot ideas as to how to restore the Empire’s former glory.

It couldn’t be more stereotypically British, really. Check out the first paragraph:

This league is founded in loyalty to all existing institutions, by men confident in the health of the British people and their government, to help to fulfil the destiny of the British Empire and all Britons overseas. Its first aim is to support the government in winning the war.

The dedication reads: “To three trusted men – Mr. Winston Churchill – Lord Beaverbrook – Mr. Ernst Bevin – they are excellent.” So that helps date the piece: “the war,” one presumes, is WWII.

My question to you: who are/were these people? Google, Britannica and Wikipedia know nothing about them. Any information at all, including pointers as to where else I might look, would be appreciated. Please don’t suggest I go back to the UK, though: my resources are so scarce and the desire to see those hallowed shores so vast, that a suggestion of this sort would break my heart.

Great, now I’m starting to sound like them. Anyone? Bueller?

[Edit: what I’m looking for is information on The League of Roland, not the Churchill & co.]

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