xml editor?

So, what’s your favorite XML editor for Mac OS X? And, as a corollary: what’s wrong with <oXygen/> (why shouldn’t I buy it/what’s better)?

For comparison’s sake, I really kind of liked XMetaL. But it’s not available for my choice of platform. (BOO.)

4 Responses to “xml editor?”

  1. Francisco Says:

    You might want to consider a platform independent
    editor, a friend recommended
    which is in Java.

  2. vika Says:

    Thanks, I’ll look into it – but oXygen is also in Java.

    I did end up buying it; a bunch of the text encoding people I know really like it. But I’m always on the lookout.

  3. Sean Stevens Says:

    Oh-I think the apple mac os x developer tools have some XML support (property list editor, projectbuilder). Probably minimal, but thought I’d mention it. And BBEdit probably knows about it also, though I don’t know if either works at the level you’re manipulating data.

    P.S. Hi :)

  4. vika Says:

    Hi Sean! :) Yes, thanks, and your hunch is right: they aren’t powerful enough for what I need. Dunno about BBEdit’s XML abilities; they seem to be really minimal.